Stick Around

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

The arrival of the digital age was like a starter pistol for photographers. From the very first time we could 'chimp' our lcd to check our exposure the creative minds behind the lens have been exploding with possibilities. Running right alongside this creative burst was the internet with all of its connectivity for creative minds and resources for those who—like me—were fumbling their way through it. Simple blogs became vlogs, and then morphed into full-fledged online schools. Cool! Count me in!

Initially I found a few scattered resources that helped me out with settings and understanding depth of field that cured enough of my issues to keep me hooked. In fact, I started to get enough keepers that I began to seriously consider going somewhere with photography. The Slanted Lens by Jay P. Morgan, Adorama TV with Mark Wallace, PhotoSerge with Serge Ramelli and Digital Camera World Magazine/Website all contributed a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. The one name and site that seemed to keep popping up in my searching, though, was Kelby One School with Scott Kelby. This renowned photographer had brought together a fantastic array of teachers under one umbrella and I had found the resource that was the best fit for me.

One of the things I learned from the teachers on Kelby One and the others was to stick around. Stick around the creative community. Stick around when all the shots aren't working out. Stick around even when the sun has gone down. Stick around. The shot at the head of this blog came out of sticking around after the sun crossed the horizon and the other photographers were walking to their vehicles. This was when the 'golden hour' shifted into the 'blue hour' and the metal of the Rosedale-Agassiz bridge kept its shadow details and lost the blown highlights of the sunset. It also allowed me to get the streetlights that came on captured as starburst highlights to help draw the viewer's eye into the photo. It pays to stick around.

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