Shifting Your Perspective

Seeing how it is only late February, many of my fellow Canadians may chuckle when I say that the approach of spring is beginning to tease my thoughts towards the promise of warmer weather. Still, as a long-time resident of the west coast, I'm used to their amused condescension. Our temperate climes on the southern coast of British Columbia are far more influenced by equatorial flows from the Pacific than the chill arctic blasts much of this country endures. What this means is that I can look forward to loading up my kayak in the evening for a sunrise paddle the following morning before driving to work. I took the photo above on just such a morning—a glorious sunrise over mirror-like waters.

To be clear, I'm not out there to set any personal records. The goal for me is more contemplative than cardiovascular. Gliding into a scene like this is all the reward that is required, and having my camera gear along is gravy.

One of my favourite parts of this morning paddle is when I round the corner to see the twin bridges of the highway crossing over the river and all the traffic rushing along towards the city while I slip silently beneath them. I know I'll be joining them soon enough, but at that moment, when it's a paddle to the water instead of the pedal to the metal, it is soothing to know that there is more to life than chasing down the road to meet the next deadline.

The calm face of the waters reflecting the heavens above brought to mind the importance of this perspective. Whether looking up or down, the morning's golden face was chasing away the darkness of night. It called to mind the view that a man of old had when he was invited to take a heavenly break from his internment on Patmos.

He looked out across an expanse of crystal and saw the world as it is. He saw darkness hiding in plain sight that sought to keep people's eyes from seeing the light of truth. He saw a battle raging across the ages that sought to convince people that this fleeting life was all there was and keep them mindful of seeking only temporal satisfaction. An entire chapter of his story involves the cataclysmic sorrow of all of those who watched the whole thing burn down. Everything that had held value was stripped away, and all that was left was the light of truth they had traded for a lie.

It leaves me believing that any loss I may suffer now by keeping that light of truth in the center of my life will not be found having enough substance to measure against the gains left behind when the smoke clears. It leaves me with peace when all around the battle rages to its final end.

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