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Last year, a birthday outing brought me up a Forestry Service Road not far from where I live. This kind of trip isn't unusual for me since it is hard not to head for the hills whenever I get some time to myself, and we live in a valley surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes. This time, I went to an area that I had wanted to explore for a long time, and the fresh snow promised some beautiful vistas. So, with my camera gear packed up and a few warm layers put on to guard against the chill, I made my way towards Foley Lake.

Back roads present numerous challenges for those who are not experienced and prepared. As much as I would love to say I am one of those people, that isn't the case. It takes more than a map and a four-wheel drive to ensure the adventure stays positive. The only thing I added for this trip was my camera. I didn't need to get too far into the hills to discover that investing in some tire chains would be a great idea. The roads were rough and icy. The further I journeyed towards my goal, the worse it got. It finally got so bad that I decided to get out of the truck and check out the road on foot. I needed to be sure I could turn around somewhere if it got too drastic.

A still, small voice can be hard to hear over thoughts of being stuck in the backwoods with no equipment for getting unstuck. As I walked along the icy ruts, though, I just kept feeling that I should keep driving ahead. So, I turned back to the truck, turned down the volume on all those fearful thoughts and plunged forward.

All of those fears turned out to be big, loud voices with nothing to say. I eased my truck into a pullout near the downstream end of the lake and headed for the shoreline to see what kind of photographic opportunities there were. The photo above shows that the trip was well worth it, as was the choice to heed the voice.

This memory came to mind when I looked through my gallery for a photo to head up this post. The point of the post is that that voice does not always seek to shake the earth. Sometimes the point is to remind a child that Dad's voice is trustworthy and that Dad loves to share in joyous moments simply because He loves it and loves the child.

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